Data and market’s elemental

Data Solutions

Reliable data is the foundation for successful sales and marketing.
In niche markets such as healthcare and the public sector, you know
exactly who you want to talk to, and we know exactly how to find them.

Our bespoke data solutions and intelligence will support your
sales and marketing efforts. Our services include:

  • Bespoke database building
  • Database cleaning
  • Market intelligence
  • Drill-down data intelligence

You have diverse requirements and identifying the top-level management within healthcare and public sector organisations just isn’t enough these days. Not only do you need to know who holds the purse strings, it is also important to know who is championing the projects in your field, supporting and influencing them, who can open doors for you, what systems are in place, and when these are due to renew. Our data solutions drill down through the management layers to find the exact people who are looking at solutions like yours, now.

Our data is bespoke – it’s built for you so there are no leasing limits, no usage restrictions and it will definitely not self-destruct after 12 months! When you choose a bespoke data package from us – the data is yours. We offer simple one-off data solutions or the option to take advantage of our maintenance support. The support option means we provide you with a clean version of your data every 3 months.

When GDPR comes into effect in May 2018, a bespoke approach to gathering consented data will provide the safest option for your marketing data requirements.

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